The end of an era...



Classic Colonial Homes has always maintained the utmost respect for Connor Homes ( They have a long-standing reputation for excellence in this particular niche of the residential housing sector. Like many clients and colleagues we have spoken with this year, we were both shocked and saddened to hear that Connor Homes had closed their doors. As with the passing of noted designer, McKie Wing Roth, Jr. in 2012, our county's architectural past, present and future are greatly impacted as the number of determined traditionalist design/build firms continues to decline. At CCH, we believe that we are made better for operating in the company of other fine institutions like Connor Homes. We strive to achieve greater things ourselves while in their presence, and seeing their successes.

CCH has appreciated the opportunity to work alongside like-minded institutions, such as Connor Homes and McKie Wing Roth, Jr. Our collective efforts have been to honor and preserve traditional New England architecture and to build a legacy of fine, period homes throughout our great nation for future generations to enjoy.

For those individuals with an interest in creating the next generation of new, old homes or for renovating existing homes with classic designs, distinctive details and 21st-century technologies, CCH is here to serve you. Please contact our office to inquire about the architectural designs, specialty building product packages and construction management services offered.

We look forward to assisting you with your upcoming project.