CCH Preferred Builders

Making dreams into reality with every swing of the hammer

As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser.
— Plato

At CCH, the builders we work with are a very important part of our success story. Through many long-standing partnerships with top contracting firms enrolled in the CCH Preferred Builders Program, we can offer clients a higher level of guidance, professionalism, experience and quality to meet the needs of any project throughout the United States and abroad. 

At Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. we believe that a team approach to the planning and construction phases allows for the best possible outcomes. That is exactly why CCH Preferred Builders play such an important role in the process. This collaborative approach to building homes has offered CCH clients numerous benefits including: 

Preferred Builders framing a CCH Custom Saltbox home

Preferred Builders framing a CCH Custom Saltbox home

  • Continuity from concept to completion 
  • Professional, experienced & trusted 
  • Budgetary guidance from start to finish
  • Highly accurate estimating & bidding
  • They know CCH plans, products & process 
  • Faster build times & highest quality construction practices
  • Exclusive access to highly skilled subcontractors who've built CCH homes
  • Hassle-free communication

Our team approach, in careful coordination with the builder begins before the plans are even complete and continues after you have settled into your new home.  Your construction project demands the very best we can provide. Let CCH introduce you to one of our Preferred Builders; then relax and leave the rest to the experts.