Green Design & Building

Classic Colonial Homes encourages Green-Minded thinking

Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. believes in honoring the past while respecting and protecting the future. We believe that natural resources are our most precious and valuable assets and so our Environmental Stewardship Statement & Policies are very important for us. We continually strive to improve on our approach and believe in the use of environmentally sensitive methods and materials whenever possible. CCH employs numerous methods to improve efficiencies, reduce waste and limit by-products in the design, manufacturing and construction of our fine homes. Here is where we stand: 


We focus on and encourage the creation of smaller, smarter homes with distinctive detailing whenever possible. Our emphasis in design is toward the following:

  • refined proportion and scale
  • authentic, period detailing
  • energy-efficient building practices & products

 We have consulted and work with trained professionals and industry leaders in alternative energies practices and make this available to our clients as well. Our overarching goal is to design & create homes with modern efficiencies that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, our society and environment.  

PV Panels can be incorporated into the construction phase of a project to significantly reduce energy costs 

PV Panels can be incorporated into the construction phase of a project to significantly reduce energy costs 


The CCH Preferred Builders Program provides clients a professional contracting firm with experience & expertise in the latest building technologies. The best builders we work with put energy efficient construction methods at the top of their list. CCH designs homes with green-minded principals including:

  • Geo-Thermal Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Passive House Design Principals
  • Solar & PV Technology 
  • High Efficiency Insulation Methods


We manufacture the majority of products we sell from raw materials. We purchase from local companies & choose local materials whenever possible to create our custom building products. Many of the specific manufacturing processes we employ help us to minimize waste. Our company also makes every effort to reuse & recycle our byproducts. When possible we select non-toxic materials & avoid harmful plastics in the hand-made products we create.

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