A floorcloth makes every room Merry & Bright!


The Christmas Pineapple Floorcloth:

No one knows for certain exactly how the pineapple became an essential element in the Christmas decorations of Colonial townships, especially in Colonial Williamsburg. Since 1681, the pineapple has been recognized as a Christian symbol as each pineapple plant gives its own life to produce a single fruit.  

This pineapple stencil was found on the over-mantel of the Thompson house, Maine (circa 1750). The corner motif is from the Ebenezer Waters house, West Sutton, Massachusetts. The border is from the Daniel Kingsbury house, Brookfield, Vermont. 


Make some creepy displays this Halloween ➝

When the Bell tolls...

The French developed the glass cloche, or bell jar, formed of a solid piece of glass. The purpose was to protect an early garden plant from bleak cold and frost. The Dutch and English expanded the idea with handlights, lantern style, faceted pyramidal covers made from glass panes and frames of cast iron.

Today French cloches', Dutch and English handlights styles are much on the garden scene. As well as functional, they make a wonderful accent to your Halloween table or even Thanksgiving display. Accent your mantel, cover potted plants, candles or use as a food cover for your next spooooky gathering.

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Festive Front Door!

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We're feeling festive for Fall, and with the garden full of of food, it seems nature is giving us more that we know what to do with. Especially plentiful is our corn and lavender....hmmm what to do? So we started to think front door wreaths. With some basic DIY, thanks to some youtube videos (see below) we decided to make a Lavender wreath. And the best way to hang it?! Well we wanted something that felt welcoming, well-crafted, and did NOT require putting a nail hole in the wall! So, we spoke to some of our vendors, and they recommended this beautiful door hanger / mason candle holder. (Just be careful, with dried wreaths, a battery powered candle will be best!)

Harvesting our Lavender:

Show some seasonal colors with your front door this Fall. We loved making our own wreath-- can't wait to dry out some corn stalks and bittersweet vines to try making some colorful autumn designs. 

Click to see a tutorial for a Lavender wreath

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We have carefully selected the colonial home products found in this online store based on several important parameters like uncompromising aesthetics, superior quality standards, performance and reliability, customer service and product support. These are not national brands but smaller, hard-working local businesses that hand-craft their products for both new and antique colonial homes. Our principals are the same and we respect those who respect tradition.

Classic Colonial Homes has worked to establish personal relationships with our suppliers; like-minded craftspeople with a reputation for creating the very best. We hope that our customers will appreciate and benefit from these alliances as well. CCH takes pride in supporting local industries in greater New England and we encourage you to do the same. Please feel free to contact CCH with questions and feedback.