Our Process

A streamlined approach to creating
the next generation of historic American homes 

With the proper team, planning and guidance, building a new home can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of a person’s lifetime.
— Lloyd Abbott Kirley, CCH Founder

Classic Colonial Homes is a design / build firm that offers architectural & construction services, historically-inspired building products and a range of consulting & project management services to its clients.

When it comes to creating distinctive, early American style homes, CCH has developed a simple strategy to ensure success. Our unique approach focuses on the these 3 key aspects of every project:      

1. DESIGN:       
Utilizing our Reference Plans, we customize each design to suit our client’s individual needs.
Provide specialty trim & materials to attain a historical finish throughout the home.      

Expert guidance & advice throughout the process until construction is complete.        

Becoming a client of Classic Colonial Homes means having direct access to decades of experience in residential planning, design and construction. Our firm grasp of traditional architecture, interior design expertise, superior craftsmanship & vast product knowledge provide the basis, allowing us to guide clients through the process of creating their new home...and truly enjoying the experience along the way. 

Construction Plan Sets:

Classic Colonial Homes Building plan sets contain the necessary information required to bid the project, obtain a building permit (within the United States), and to construct the home. Plans meet Massachusetts IRC Building Code. All building plans can be modified by CCH to meet other state, regional and local building codes; additional fees may apply.


  • Foundation Plan (concrete foundation)

  • Schematic Floor Plans with dimensions

  • Exterior Building Elevations

  • Framing Plans (2X stick frame construction)

  • Building Cross Sections

  • Eave & Exterior Trim Details 

  • Window, Door and Header Schedules

Printed plans and Digital Building Plans (PDF only) are available for purchase from CCH. Digital plans require a signed PDF Plan Release Contract and digital set-up fee will apply. Please call for details. 

CCH Building Plans are printed black line construction drawings printed on 24" X 36", 20 Lb. xerox paper and are left edge bound. Plan printing is billed separately at $4.00 / page + S/H. All printed Building Plans are shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise arranged. Please contact the CCH to request expedited service and pricing.

Reverse reading and additional plan sets may be ordered (within 60 days of initial date of sale) by calling the CCH office at 1-413-341-3375. All Building Plans are sold for the construction of one (1) dwelling unit per purchase only. Contact CCH for plan licensing info.