Historic Settlements

Live within a community that embraces the richness of our colonial character 

For over 14 years, the CCH Settler's Program has represented our commitment to develop small communities of reproduction quality homes using CCH original designs and architectural products. Approved CCH Settlements result from a common goal and partnership between the builder/developer and Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. Each CCH Settlement is unique in scope and spirit, while the key elements of every project are:

When completed, each CCH Settlement is a harmonious collection of early American architecture reflecting a unity of purpose and design. CCH Project Management services provide a clear for developers to follow that achieve authentic results working within the constraints of their unique location. To inquire about where CCH Settlements are currently planned or under construction or to request an application packet for the program, please contact Classic Colonial Homes. 

Classic Colonial Homes is setting a new standard of fine antique homes; designed and built to honor the past and inspire the future. Join the growing number of builder/developers who are honoring early American heritage by creating new communities of Classic Colonial Homes. 

CCH Settlements North - New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine

CCH Settlements South - Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island