Who We Are

Lance Abbott Kirley, President & CEO 

Lance Abbott Kirley,
President & CEO 

Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. is an experienced and quality driven residential design, manufacturing & construction firm, specializing in traditional New England architecture and custom craftsmanship of period inspired homes and products. Since 1992, our experience in the construction industry has evolved and grown with the demands of our customers and needs of a changing marketplace. The depth of our team of professionals encompasses several areas including Comprehensive Design Services, Building Construction & Project Management, Specialty Product Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Owner's Representation. 

Guided by the architectural principles of Early America, Classic Colonial Homes is dedicated to designing and helping construct distinctive homes for those who appreciate authentic historical detailing combined with modernized living spaces, creating period homes with character for the 21st Century.  Our commitment to deliver quality and satisfaction to every customer runs through the very foundation of our enterprise, strengthening our reputation to serve an ever expanding customer base. 

From our idyllic home base of the notable Hill-Ross Farm in Western Massachusetts, Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. is conveniently located to serve clients within the greater Northeast and beyond. Please contact our office today at 1-413-341-3375 to find out more about the enjoyment of designing and building a Classic Colonial Home.

Nick Arieta, Lead Designer

Nick Arieta,
Lead Designer

Nick Arieta is Lead Designer for CCH and has been with Classic Colonial Homes since its inception. Nick worked for many years under the tutelage of Lloyd Kirley, the company’s founder and continues to carry forward Classic Colonial Homes mission of providing the best in residential design while preserving New England’s rich architectural character. 

Nick has generated a signature series of designs for CCH and we encourage you to view these on the home designs page. 

Our History

Company Founder, Lloyd Abbott Kirley

Company Founder,
Lloyd Abbott Kirley

From its onset, Classic Colonial Homes' guiding principal was to create residential architecture that combined spacious yet efficient, and comfortable open floor plans within traditional, historically inspired designs to create the warmth, charm and character that we most admire in antique New England homes. Inspired by the work of master builders centuries earlier, our late founder, Lloyd Abbott Kirley's own unique designs came from personal impressions developed by decades of exposure to early American architecture. The resulting designs were not replicas of existing homes but original works that each contained historically correct proportions, form, scale and detailing to establish a particular style and air of authenticity of its own. When built as designed, using hand-made products his company created exclusively for them, every Classic Colonial Home would honor the past while being admired by future generations, alike.

Raised in a family where design was a common word, Lloyd Kirley's father was an Architect and his brother was a Landscape Architect. Formal training led to a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture for Lloyd but he chose to follow his passion and became a master in the art and design of distinctive, early American style, single family homes. 

Lloyd's interior designs reflected his informal nature with free flowing floor plans, comfortable living spaces and room to room relationships promoting family interaction. His careful conservation of space and logical internal and external circulation patterns added to the popularity of his designs. Lloyd had a particular concern for the function of the kitchen in day-to-day family life and made sure that the "heart of the home" as he called it, related well to other family gathering areas. 

He was generous but tasteful with the use of windows, glass doors and skylights to promote natural interior light and to develop interactions between interior spaces and the outside landscape. He felt that the landscape and building site should be critical elements in the design process and that a structure should relate logically to its natural surroundings. Whenever possible, Lloyd worked to insure that this relationship was accounted for and his best designs reflected this intent.

The Design Team at CCH is honored to have worked with and learned from Lloyd over many years. His enduring mission was to help clients create truly classic homes in the most efficient, convenient & precise method possible. This generations-strong family business and Lloyd's legacy both live on today at Classic Colonial Homes, Inc.